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Weekend Surfing and Community


Why we do what we do here at the Hoyte factory....

it all comes down to this.


Outdoor living and Friendship.  Beach Days and Surfing. Relationship building. Sandcastle building.

As spring approaches here in So Cal, our weekend beach days are growing in frequency and size.



What usually happens is someone sends out a group text in the morning.

Place and time.

and a ...."we'll be there, some join us if you can."


And for the most part, we all do our best to be there.

Because it's always worth it.



Sometimes the waves are great and the ocean is glassy.

Sometimes the waves are tiny and the wind gets there before we do. See above.

But we always surf.  

The kids have a good time.

Big kids too.

And by big, I mean anyone over 25!

Hope you guys have found your community.

If not, I encourage you to start or join one.


Happy almost Spring!

Or Fall, depending on which side of the equator you live and adventure on.


* photos courtesy of our good friend Michael Jekogian.


Written by Russell Hoyte — March 12, 2013

Hoyte Surfboards: Friends and Representatives

Two of our local friends are on the plane as I write, heading over to Snapper Rocks and the 1st ASP event of 2013.

The Quicksilver Pro at Snapper Rocks, Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia is fortunate enough to have these fabulous people in it's midst.

Liselle Wilsnagh, a fellow South African to Jeannine, world traveller, musician and friend, is heading into her 5th year as female chaplain for WCT Women's tour. Liselle is gone for two months this trip as contest piles up onto another contest, sending her around Australia and over to New Zealand. She genuinely loves the girls on tour and has spent the last five years of her life travelling around with them, supporting them and hearing them. She is a rock. And a privilege to know. She is a friend who has become family.

Check  her out at http://www.liselle.co.uk/Chaplaincy.html


Angus Murray, a neighbor, friend, fellow surfer and fabulous cook, is one of the independent directors on the ASP tour. Angus has introduced us to local pro surfers as well as stuffing balls, crawfish boils and sushi-making nights. For all of which our hearts and stomachs are very grateful.

He is an exceedingly generous man. Full of passionate ideas and encouragements. Great husband, doting father. Accomplished businessman. Plus he has a cool British accent.

                                                        Angus is the guy on the right in case you were wondering.


We at Hoyte Surfboards wish them all the best with their travels and we know that where they influence, share and participate, that those around them will be better for it.

Safe travels friends!!

Written by Russell Hoyte — February 25, 2013

Honoring Identity and Community in the Surfing Lifestyle


This is a great quote that I heard at an REI (Recreation Equipment Inc.) training.

'Diversity is what comes through the doors. Inclusion is what you do with it.'

Brilliant. A simple explanation.

And I like simple.

Inclusion speaks to me of acknowleding and honoring each other's identities, interests and giftings. This in turn develops a community that is safe and trustworthy - bringing about a sense of healthy freedom to those in it - to be who they were created to be.

There are not many other sports communities like surfing that includes such a broad range of human experience.

Every surfer has a different story. A reason for surfing and a reason for doing whatever else it is they love to do.

Every surfer draws a different experience from each session and every surfer returns to the water for their own reasons.

I love this.

How privileged are we all? To be a part of a community that never bores. Nor stagnates. A community that is saturated with stories. Each one unique.

We would love to hear these stories. Email us. Comment on the blog. Whatever. Let us know what drew you to the ocean and what keeps you there. Where you surf. What you love. Send a picture. We will stick it on the walls of our factory. It'll be our inspiration.




Written by Russell Hoyte — February 21, 2013

Blogging at Hoyte Surfboards. A must read.

This is the entrance wall to Hoyte Surfboards. Our Mission Statement.


It's been a while since we last blogged.

And here's why.

Since starting this business we have been told by many social media experts and friendly 'advisors' to google key words; blog about these key words; blog about anything and everything in the industry; as well as Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram, LinkedIn, HootSuite, Vimeo, YouTube ... etc etc etc.

Until I was overwhelmed and under-inspired. Who's been there?? Raise your hands!

Our heart has been always been to create and relate. To meet our customers face to face, to know their passions and stories. And Social Media can just be .... well, impersonal and .... dry.

And then I had an epiphany.

A good friend told us to do and build what we would surf. Create. Wear. Be inspired by. Be compelled to be.

And for me, that included blogging.

And so we invite you on an adventure. One of surfboard building. Community building. Friendship building.

You will meet our surfers. Hear their stories. Beginners to Pros.

You will see our life at a surfboard factory.

And you will see our difficulties. And our successes. But mostly our successes. Because we know that to be our destiny!

So welcome to an adventure. We are so glad to have you and maybe, one day, meet you.

It's going to be a wild and inspiring ride:)

Written by Russell Hoyte — February 19, 2013

Hoyte Designs partners with Restore The Shore


We are very excited to partner with the East Coast and the Restore The Shore fundraising project.


"RestoreTheShoreBenefit.Org is a 100% nonprofit 501c3 partnership with WANDAA, created by Jersey Shore natives to assist in relief and generate donations for families and businesses affected by Superstorm Sandy.

MISSION: RestoreTheShoreBenefit.Org was created by Jersey Shore natives to assist in relief and generate donations for families and local businesses that have been affected and displaced by Superstorm Sandy.

VISION: To establish our foundation as the most supportive, local-New Jersey led grassroots benefit to directly connect with families and business, and address their specific needs in which their insurance or FEMA does not cover or support.

GOAL: To raise funds through direct donations, merchandise and charity events until the last family affected by Sandy is in a furnished home and local businesses can operate as business-as-usual."


Limited Edition shortboards and longboards: We are designing and donating 24 boards in Restore the Shores graphics for them to auction off on the East Coast, in the layouts created by RTSB graphic artist Brian Begley. Short-term we plan on doing a 24-run this winter, 24 in the spring and another 24 in the summer.

• “Design Your Own” RTSB – Shores United custom board – If you have a design, shape and graphics you want us to craft for you, contact us and ask for the Restore the Shore – Shores United logo on your board. We will donate 10% of all sales to our foundation.

• The “Bailey-Board” – In honor of their friend and fellow surfer Brett Bailey, who they lost in the 9/11 Trade Center attacks, Restore The Shore is creating the “Bailey-Board.” They want to honor Brett, his love for surfing, and the $20,000 donation Brett’s family donated to Restore the Shore Benefit. This can be ordered in Brett’s last surfboard shape dimensions (or your own) with a special graphic honoring him and the Brett T. Bailey Foundation. All proceeds to the foundation.

Please read more about it here:



Written by Russell Hoyte — December 04, 2012

An invitation to community.



Our mission at Hoyte Surfboards is this:

Honoring Creativity and Identity to build Community.

We are inviting you all to become a part of this community by sending us a photo of yourselves with your Hoyte board (logo showing please) along with a few answers to questions about your identity :)

We will add a page onto our website displaying you guys... this awesome community of surfers.

Please send the photo to shaper@hoytesurfboards.com. Make sure the pixel value is good...we don't want you all looking fuzzy and stretched.

And answer these questions.

1. Your Name

2. Where you currently live

3. Your favorite surf spot

4. I surf because (fill in blank)

5. An interesting fact about yourself. eg.  I only eat yellow food   OR   I once put my board down to chase a seagull forgetting that my board leash was still attached to my ankle.

 We are really looking forward to hearing from you and seeing your photos!!

Happy Wednesday all!



Written by Russell Hoyte — November 28, 2012

Daily Dose Board Review on SurferMag Design Forum


Check out the link below to a board review that is on SurferMag Design Forum.

This is well written and detailed.

We always welcome any kind of review on the models of our boards.




Don't forget too that we are running our Small Business Saturday special tomorrow November 24th.

Check it out here.


Happy Friday to all! Have a great weekend!

Written by Russell Hoyte — November 23, 2012

Surfing, Community and Friendship

Our mission at Hoyte Surfboards is 'Honoring Creativity and Identity to build Community'.

This isn't a marketing strategy. It isn't a business persona we are developing.

This is who we are.

Community is important. Relationships are invaluable.

 People matter and their stories matter.

Their destinies, passions and lessons-learned matter.

This photo is of a day at the beach with old and new friends. The surf was flat. It didn't matter:)

We are grateful for everyone we meet and know.

Happy Thanksgiving all!



Written by Russell Hoyte — November 21, 2012

Small Business Saturday Special

Conventiently placed between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is a lesser know shopping holiday called Small Business Saturday.This day is dedicated to small businesses nationwide and, in keeping with the spirit of the season, for that we are thankful!

Hoyte Surfboards is offering all their past, present and future customers a great opportunity to order their next custom board at an excellent price. And you don't have to be an American to take advantage of this seasonal opportunity:)

Offer will run between 12:01am and 11:59pm (PST -Pacific Time) Saturday November 24th. That's Small Business Saturday.

That means you have a whole week from now to dream about your next custom board.


1. a Custom Hoyte Surfboard: clear poly, tri-fin under 6'6 for only $450! (that's $125 savings!)


2. 20% off any other custom shortboard, longboard or SUP.


*shortboards and longboards require a $200 deposit, SUP's a $500 deposit.

* orders must be placed on day of offer.

If you choose offer #2, start getting your dims, color or resin work, tail, glassing and fin set-up planned to make your ordering process easier.

Call 805-485-0700 or e-mail  shaper@hoytesurfboards.com


We are looking forward to shaping your next custom board!



Written by Russell Hoyte — November 17, 2012


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