Hoyte Surfboards and Stand Up Paddle Boards

Our mission at Hoyte Surfboards is 'Honoring Creativity and Identity to build Community'.

This isn't a marketing strategy. It isn't a business persona we are developing.

This is who we are.

Community is important. Relationships are invaluable.

 People matter and their stories matter.

Their destinies, passions and lessons-learned matter.

This photo is of a day at the beach with old and new friends. The surf was flat. It didn't matter:)

We are grateful for everyone we meet and know.

Happy Thanksgiving all!



Written by Russell Hoyte — November 21, 2012


Hoyte Surfboards, manufacturers of uniquely functional, highly rippable and absolutely mission critical surfboards. Located in Ventura, California, we here at Hoyte Surfboards have our finger on the pulse of what works in some of the best waves on earth.

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