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Our mission at Hoyte Surfboards is this:

Honoring Creativity and Identity to build Community.

We are inviting you all to become a part of this community by sending us a photo of yourselves with your Hoyte board (logo showing please) along with a few answers to questions about your identity :)

We will add a page onto our website displaying you guys... this awesome community of surfers.

Please send the photo to shaper@hoytesurfboards.com. Make sure the pixel value is good...we don't want you all looking fuzzy and stretched.

And answer these questions.

1. Your Name

2. Where you currently live

3. Your favorite surf spot

4. I surf because (fill in blank)

5. An interesting fact about yourself. eg.  I only eat yellow food   OR   I once put my board down to chase a seagull forgetting that my board leash was still attached to my ankle.

 We are really looking forward to hearing from you and seeing your photos!!

Happy Wednesday all!



Written by Russell Hoyte — November 28, 2012


Hoyte Surfboards, manufacturers of uniquely functional, highly rippable and absolutely mission critical surfboards. Located in Ventura, California, we here at Hoyte Surfboards have our finger on the pulse of what works in some of the best waves on earth.

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