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It's been a while since we last blogged.

And here's why.

Since starting this business we have been told by many social media experts and friendly 'advisors' to google key words; blog about these key words; blog about anything and everything in the industry; as well as Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram, LinkedIn, HootSuite, Vimeo, YouTube ... etc etc etc.

Until I was overwhelmed and under-inspired. Who's been there?? Raise your hands!

Our heart has been always been to create and relate. To meet our customers face to face, to know their passions and stories. And Social Media can just be .... well, impersonal and .... dry.

And then I had an epiphany.

A good friend told us to do and build what we would surf. Create. Wear. Be inspired by. Be compelled to be.

And for me, that included blogging.

And so we invite you on an adventure. One of surfboard building. Community building. Friendship building.

You will meet our surfers. Hear their stories. Beginners to Pros.

You will see our life at a surfboard factory.

And you will see our difficulties. And our successes. But mostly our successes. Because we know that to be our destiny!

So welcome to an adventure. We are so glad to have you and maybe, one day, meet you.

It's going to be a wild and inspiring ride:)

Written by Russell Hoyte — February 19, 2013


Hoyte Surfboards, manufacturers of uniquely functional, highly rippable and absolutely mission critical surfboards. Located in Ventura, California, we here at Hoyte Surfboards have our finger on the pulse of what works in some of the best waves on earth.

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