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This is a great quote that I heard at an REI (Recreation Equipment Inc.) training.

'Diversity is what comes through the doors. Inclusion is what you do with it.'

Brilliant. A simple explanation.

And I like simple.

Inclusion speaks to me of acknowleding and honoring each other's identities, interests and giftings. This in turn develops a community that is safe and trustworthy - bringing about a sense of healthy freedom to those in it - to be who they were created to be.

There are not many other sports communities like surfing that includes such a broad range of human experience.

Every surfer has a different story. A reason for surfing and a reason for doing whatever else it is they love to do.

Every surfer draws a different experience from each session and every surfer returns to the water for their own reasons.

I love this.

How privileged are we all? To be a part of a community that never bores. Nor stagnates. A community that is saturated with stories. Each one unique.

We would love to hear these stories. Email us. Comment on the blog. Whatever. Let us know what drew you to the ocean and what keeps you there. Where you surf. What you love. Send a picture. We will stick it on the walls of our factory. It'll be our inspiration.




Written by Russell Hoyte — February 21, 2013


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