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Two of our local friends are on the plane as I write, heading over to Snapper Rocks and the 1st ASP event of 2013.

The Quicksilver Pro at Snapper Rocks, Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia is fortunate enough to have these fabulous people in it's midst.

Liselle Wilsnagh, a fellow South African to Jeannine, world traveller, musician and friend, is heading into her 5th year as female chaplain for WCT Women's tour. Liselle is gone for two months this trip as contest piles up onto another contest, sending her around Australia and over to New Zealand. She genuinely loves the girls on tour and has spent the last five years of her life travelling around with them, supporting them and hearing them. She is a rock. And a privilege to know. She is a friend who has become family.

Check  her out at http://www.liselle.co.uk/Chaplaincy.html


Angus Murray, a neighbor, friend, fellow surfer and fabulous cook, is one of the independent directors on the ASP tour. Angus has introduced us to local pro surfers as well as stuffing balls, crawfish boils and sushi-making nights. For all of which our hearts and stomachs are very grateful.

He is an exceedingly generous man. Full of passionate ideas and encouragements. Great husband, doting father. Accomplished businessman. Plus he has a cool British accent.

                                                        Angus is the guy on the right in case you were wondering.


We at Hoyte Surfboards wish them all the best with their travels and we know that where they influence, share and participate, that those around them will be better for it.

Safe travels friends!!

Written by Russell Hoyte — February 25, 2013


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