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Why we do what we do here at the Hoyte factory....

it all comes down to this.


Outdoor living and Friendship.  Beach Days and Surfing. Relationship building. Sandcastle building.

As spring approaches here in So Cal, our weekend beach days are growing in frequency and size.



What usually happens is someone sends out a group text in the morning.

Place and time.

and a ...."we'll be there, some join us if you can."


And for the most part, we all do our best to be there.

Because it's always worth it.



Sometimes the waves are great and the ocean is glassy.

Sometimes the waves are tiny and the wind gets there before we do. See above.

But we always surf.  

The kids have a good time.

Big kids too.

And by big, I mean anyone over 25!

Hope you guys have found your community.

If not, I encourage you to start or join one.


Happy almost Spring!

Or Fall, depending on which side of the equator you live and adventure on.


* photos courtesy of our good friend Michael Jekogian.


Written by Russell Hoyte — March 12, 2013


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